Chocolate Bonbon Menu


It all begins with an inspiration. We get inspired by our travels around the world. Then we work on recipes to incorporate worldly flavours and decide on colours for our bonbons to create beautiful edible art for everyone to enjoy.

All of our bonbons and bars are made in small batches using high quality ingredients (purchased either locally or imported) to deliver an unforgettable flavour profiles.

Check back regularly as we change the flavours with season and demand. We are sure that there will be few jewels that you just can’t say NO to. Enjoy!

We recommend to store the bonbons in a dry and cool place (wine fridges are suitable) at around 15-20°C and to consume them within 2 weeks of purchase. The bonbons are best enjoyed once they are acclimatized to room temperature.

Current Flavours

Apricot Matcha

Apricot jam layered on Green Tea Matcha infused white chocolate ganache. You’ll be Zen in no time.

Baileys Caramel

Delicious Irish Cream in a caramel ganache. Might give you some tingling sensations. We promise no hangovers.

Rose Cardamom

Romantic flavours of Rose and Cardamom give flavour burst to this exquisite silky white chocolate filled bonbon.

Ovaltine (Malted Chocolate)

Are you team Ovaltine or Milo? This time around, we infused Ovaltine in milk chocolate ganache and converted this much-loved drink into a bonbon.

Soy Sauce Kalamansi

Soy Sauce Reduction on Kalamansi Dark Chocolate Ganache. Salty, sour, sweet. What an experience!

White Rabbit

Remember your childhood candy? We pair the original candy with smooth white chocolate ganache and bring back some memories.


Durian fruit puree paired with silky white chocolate ganache. They call it King of Fruits for a reason! You either love it or hate it.

Thai Tea

Condensed milk layered on top of smooth Thai Tea infused ganache. Reminiscent of the cold drinks from the streets of Thailand.

Passion Cayenne

Passion fruit infused white chocolate ganache with Cayenne pepper to kick the heat up a notch.

Vietnamese Coffee

Need a morning kick, or anytime a day kick? We layered condensed milk on rich coffee infused dark milk chocolate ganache.

Black Sesame Yuzu

Yuzu jelly is layered on top of Black Sesame infused white chocolate ganache. So refreshing!

Coconut Pandan

It’s like tropical paradise. Rich Coconut ganache layered on top of Pandan infused ganache. Swimwear and beach not included!

Tom Yum Caramel

Think of Tom Yum Soup. Now think of working the same flavours into a smooth caramel, which is layered on top of dark chocolate ganache infused with Kaffir (Makrut) lime leaves. Flavourful!

Wasabi Ruby

Ruby, the 4th type of chocolate is filled with Wasabi infused Ruby ganache. We promise, it’s not “right up your nose” but you will enjoy it.

Pistachio Kinako

Kinako (Roasted Soybean Flour) on top of our own pistachio paste in ganache. We add roasted pistachio for extra crunch.

Jasmine Tea Ruby

We infuse authentic Chinese Jasmine Tea into dark milk chocolate and enclose with Ruby chocolate shell. Perfect for those afternoon tea sessions or game nights.

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Autumn favourite. Delicious pumpkin puree with seasonal spices in cheesecake ganache on top of crunchy biscuit.

Hazelnut Praliné

The Classic. Rich Hazelnut Praliné in dark chocolate shell. Whole roasted hazelnut adds needed crunch. Let it melt in your mouth. And this one is Vegan.

Mint Cacao Nibs

SOLD OUT Mint infused in dark chocolate ganache. Roasted cacao nibs elevate the texture further. It’s almost like having ice cream in a bonbon. Cooling!